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Dynamic Math is committed to helping students achieve better results at every stage of learning math.


"Our daughter really struggled with math up to this year. She has now learned her math so well she got an A as a final grade! Great programā€¦and the cheapest tutor I will ever get! Thank you!"

Why Choose Dynamic Math?

We believe every child can be successful in math if given the proper resources and support.  Here's how we support parents and their children.

Clear & Concise Teaching

  • Our resources are created by math teachers with decades of classroom experience
  • Our books have full instruction and guided examples with detailed solutions
  • Students gain confidence and parents can follow along instead of feeling helpless

Support For All Levels & Learning Styles

  • In-depth lessons and examples in our books support learners of all levels
  • Variety of question formats for each topic promotes confidence and increases success
  • Visual learners are supported through our video lessons

Let's get your child on the path to success ...

Dynamic MathĀ Online Platform

Gain instant access to 700+ videos, associated worksheets and more.Ā  Start for free today!

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Dynamic Math Books

Your child will learn each topic through our clearly laid out lessons and guided examples. 

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Best Value - Get any book plus a full year of access to our Online Platform!

StudentsĀ learn faster and gain more confidence when our books andĀ Online Platform are combined together.Ā  Your complete bundle includes a book, a library of 700+ videosĀ covering topics from grades 4 to 12, associated worksheets and more for just $99!

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